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Information On Canadian Motorcycle Insurance

Canadian motorcycle insurance is not much different from motorcycle insurance offered in the United States. Canadian motorcycle insurance provides protection for the risks associated with vehicle damage, liability and theft. The policy provisions found in Canadian motorcycle insurance policies differ little from U.S. motorcycle insurance policies.

Types of Canadian Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Canadians can purchase liability insurance. Liability protection pays for damages arising from the motorcycle owner’s use of a bike that result in damages. Another type of Canadian motorcycle insurance protection is that for physical damage caused to the motorcycle. This includes physical damages caused by trees, cars and buildings. Medical coverage provides for loss wages or medical expenses associated with injury that the motorcyclist or someone riding on the motorcycle receives.

Temporary Motorcycle Insurance

Visitors coming to Canada that wish to ride a motorcycle may purchase temporary insurance.  This type of coverage provides the same level of benefits as a permanent motorcycle insurance policy purchased by a Canadian resident. The coverage stays in force for the period that the motorcyclists rides in Canada.

Lower Premiums

Canadian motorcycle insurance policies can offer lower premiums for riders that pass a safe driving course. An individual who is interested in riding a motorcycle may also benefit from lower premiums by first applying for insurance protection.

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