Payment Options

Dailey Chiropractic, Inc. believes in the value of wellness care for you and your family and have maintained a pricing structure that allows care for all budgets.  As the old saying goes, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Unfortunately, too many people don't discover how true that statement is until it is too late.  Don't be one of those people, call us for preventative maintenance care.

Self-Pay Services

We held out as long as possible, but due to the huge time commitment and low insurance reimbursement rates, we had to change our way of billing and have switched to self-pay services. We are happy to provide you with a detailed receipt which YOU can then send to your insurance for reimbursement, but you must pay at the time of service.  Below is a list of our new lower fees (which are often less than most insurance company's specialist copays). For a better understanding of our need to switch to self-pay services, click here.


The only insurance plans accepted at our office are the paper Medicare card and a couple Medicaid insurances.  Feel free to call us to find out if your insurance plan is one of the few we accept. We DO NOT accept auto accident, worker's compensation, or personal injury.

Price Sheet


Chiropractic Services                                                                     New Prices                                 Old Prices

New patient exam (adult)                                                                  $60                                          $85-$110

New patient exam (age 0-15yo)                                                        $35                                          $85-$110

Chiropractic adjustment (1-2 regions)                                            $40                                          $50

Chiropractic adjustment (3-5 regions)                                            $45                                          $55-$60

Chiropractic adjustment (extremity)                                              $20                                          $25

Chiropractic adjustment (age 0-15yo)                                             $25                                          $50-60

Laser Therapy (1 region)                                                                   $25/session – requires 6 treatments (minimum)

Massage chair (15 minutes)                                                              $10                                          $10

Electric Muscle Stimulation (10 minutes)                                      $20                                          $25

Heat/Ice                                                                                                 $10                                          $20


***  Prepay Packages for chiropractic (only the family plan may be shared)

  • $200 – get 5 chiropractic adjustments (unlimited regions) & 2 massage chair sessions (Save up to $120)
  • $450 – get 12 chiropractic adjustments (unlimited regions) & 5 massage chair sessions (save up to $320)
  • $250 - unlimited monthly visits (per person) excludes New Patient Exam
  • $500 – get 15 chiropractic adjustments (unlimited regions) to be divided amongst individuals within the specified family unit (save up to $400)


Occupational Medicine Services

D.O.T. & Non-D.O.T. physicals                         $75 (extra $5 to fax results to Ohio BMV)

D.O.T. Drug testing (5 panel)                           $45

Non-D.O.T. Drug testing (12 panel rapid)     $45

Breath Alcohol testing                                     $45

Ohio BCI & FBI fingerprinting                       $30 & $35 (accordingly)

Sports Physicals                                                $25

Bus Driver Physical (T-8 Form)                     $65 (plus on site fee)

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